Here you will get to the sea turtles

Mazunte is located some 10 km to the west of Puerto Angel and just about 1 km from San Agustinillo.(map)
Public transport: (see transport connections)

The village is somewhat larger than San Agustinillo. Its architecture although simple reflects an attractive character owing to the influence of natural materials. You will find numerous restaurants on both the main beach and the well known Playa Familiar. The secluded Playa la Bermejita can be reached when you go towards Playa Familiar and just before you come to its strand at roughly 50m away, simply turn off to your right. Here the surf is quite rough in comparison to the other two beaches that are even calmer again than the waves at San Agustinillo. All the main beaches have lifeguards during seasonal time.

The very name Mazunte which means "Please lay eggs" in the language of Nahuatl, came into being through the "Centro Méxicano de la Tortuga" , a museum dedicated to the research and protection of turtles. Many endangered species can be observed here in huge saltwater aquariums.

In the year 1990 champagne corks burst into the air as environmentalists all over the world celebrate the birth of a new era forbidding the further extinction of turtles in Mexico, while in the little village of Mazunte with its population of 544 inhabitants a whole world is falling apart. The livelihood of 90 percent of its people after a 30 year period is forced to an end leaving them unemployed and facing a bleak future.
Thankfully their critical position soon awakened the attention of national and international developing aid organizations aimed at not only helping them back on their feet but to develop an awareness towards the protection and preservation of their local environment. As a result the project Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga  developed along with a small factory that produces natural cosmetics, the Cosméticos Naturales de Mazunte, created for the most part from natural materials in the surroundings. Anyone wishing to acquire some of these natural products or other typical handicrafts of the region may take part on a little tour.


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