Here you can see the crocodiles

On the coast of Oaxaca the evolution of time through centuries past and the powerful surge of the ocean have come together to form a rock face that uniquely resembles a small window. This natural wonder inspired the name of the little village:

" Ventanilla"

Ventanilla is located some 14 km (8.7 miles) to the west of Puerto Angel (map) and can be reached by taxi, Pasajeras or simply on your own. A more comfortable and perhaps less stressful way would be through an organised tour.

Meanwhile 25 families have come to settle here and are engaged in keeping the mangrove swamp alive and preserving its biodiversity.

It is the home of many different species of birds and reptiles including woodpeckers, kingfishers, diving ducks as well as a great diversity of herons, crocodiles and iguanas many of which belong to an endangered species.

There is also a large production of crustaceans and micro organisms that are used as food for the turtles, dolphins and fish when sea water flows into the lagoon, a phenomenon brought to life in the rainy season.

Boat tour in the mangrove swamp

Visit the information center of Ventanilla

Activities in Ventanilla:

  • Travel by canoe through the lagoon you will see the mangrove swamp and many birds, as well as iguanas and crocodiles in their natural habitat.

  • Visit a crocodile farm where you can expect to see crocodiles of all ages, beginning with the freshly hatched ones to the age where they are trained to survive on their own someday in the wilderness.

  • Get acquainted with the work of a mangrove nursery where reforestation is supported.

  • Go horse riding on the beach !

  • Try tasty meals of fresh fish in the village's typical restaurants.

Cavalcade in the evening

"Servicios Ecoturísticos La Ventanilla S.C. de R.L." is a project that allows us to learn about and build a new form of life based on respect and preservation for nature.

Playa Ventanilla, Santa María Tonameca, Oax.
Cel: 958 5850564, 958 108 72 88

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