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Puerto Angel is a rural little fishing village that lies in a picturesque bay surrounded by rocky hills and sandy beaches on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, between Puerto Escondido (80 km, 50 miles) and the Bahías de Huatulco (50 km, 31 miles). The main livelihood here is fishing as well as tourism to a smaller extend.

The long pier that was modernized in 1999 still shows traces of a booming little village at its peak in the year 1868. Back then coffee and wood was shipped from its harbour, the first of its kind in the state of Oaxaca. But when train tracks were laid down and a road constructed between Oaxaca and Salina Cruz and a harbour emerged, Puerto Angel fell into a slumber where up this very day it hasn't revived itself from.

If you are exhausted after a sweaty and tiring excursion through some ruins and only want to put your feet up, or yearn for a stroll on the beach to clear your mind and body or you may just want to simply find peace and tranquillity and breathe in some fresh air, then here you have found an ideal spot that is not overrun by tourists, its air is unspoiled and gratefully lacking that kind of stress and noise which one is otherwise familiar with in a larger town.
All in all Puerto Angel is the very place to relax and serves as an ideal base to scrutinize the surrounding places of interest.

Of course there is also enough happening for those seeking adventure ! To mention but a few, you can take a trip to the lagoon of Ventanilla and observe birds and crocodiles, visit Chacalapa to see the waterfall, "Los Reyes", or take a refreshing swim at "El Paraiso", a spring fed swimming pool amidst tropical nature. Boat tours are also available to the surrounding coves for those interested in snorkeling or diving.

Two beaches, "Playa Principal" and "Playa del Panteón" are located in the center of the village connected through the pathway "Andador Turistico". The main beach (Playa Principal) is not exactly recommended owing to its strong waves and busy fishing boat traffic.
"Playa Estacahuite" can be reached after a 20 minute walk in the direction of Pochutla, further on in roughly 15 minutes, you will arrive at "Playa la Mina".
The best way to get to "Playa la Boquilla" is by taking part in a boat tour, hiring a taxi or for the more budge conscious traveller, a "Colectivo" to Arroyo Cruz followed by a 2 km (1.2 miles) walk to the beach. If you are not a diving enthusiast then forget about "Playa la Tijera" as it is extremely complicated to reach without taking a boat or renting a car.
When you leave Puerto Angel now in the opposite direction westwards, you will come across the University (UMAR) and the neighbouring villages, Zipolite (3 km, 1.9 miles), San Agustinillo (9 km, 5.6 miles), Mazunte (10 km, 6.2 miles) with the national turtle center (Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga) and Ventanilla (14 km, 8.7 miles).

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Restaurants can be found in almost every corner here. Chicken and meat dishes are accessible but mostly seafood is served, which ranges from fresh fish such as tuna, ocean perch, swordfish, and shark, to lobster, oyster, octopus and many more!

All the essential institutions such as police, doctor, drugstore, telephone/fax, internet, and markets are situated here, however If you are low on cash or need to get some banking business done, then a little trip to Pochutla is necessary as Bank establishments and ATM dispensers have not yet found their way to Puerto Angel!!
For further links and information, just take a glimpse of the city map of Puerto Angel.

Public holidays in Puerto Angel:

1st of June - Día de la Marina
5th of August - Día del Pescador
1st of October - Día del Angel
2nd week of december - Semana Cultural

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